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Additional exhibits at Samurai Art Expo

As promised, listed below is confirmation of additional pieces that will be on display at Samurai Art expo, together with images of items previously mentioned. This list is by no means exhaustive, it is just a taste of some of the many fine works visitors will be able to enjoy.

9. Mumei katana attributed to Aoe

10. Mumei Naginata Naoshi attributed to Shikkake:

Designated Juyo Token at the 46th Juyo shinsa held in 2000. The blade has a sayagaki By Tanobe Michiro sensei describing it as “An important treasure from the beginning of the Nambokucho period.”

11. Mumei O-suriage wakazashi attributed to Enju

Designated Tokubetsu Hozon


12. Akasaka Tsuba: Reeds dewdrops and lost stirrup on the Musashi

Over the next 14 days, I will add more information. To date we have 2 Tokubetsu Juyo swords and 6 Juyo blades offered and possibly more to come. We anticipate having fine examples of both swords and fittings from all periods and most traditions of Manufacture on show.