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About The Expo

The first ever Samurai Art Expo 2018 has now come to an end! A big thank you to everyone who helped to organise it, as well as to all educators, dealers and especially the visitors!

Updates about following events and documentation of SAE 2018 will be posted on the website over time and you can see all the previous event information here in the archive.

Who we are

Welcome to the only antiques fair in Europe, which focuses solely on Japanese art! Samurai Art Expo (now Japan Art Expo) celebrates the best of Samurai Arms, Armour and corresponding fine art.

As long-standing professionals from within the industry, we guarantee the authenticity of all pieces. Our team is comprised of antiques dealers, scholars and collectors. Our goal is to share knowledge on different aspects of art and craftsmanship with experienced collectors and beginners alike.

Educational committee

Paul Bowman

Paul Bowman, chairman of To-ken Society GB

The role of The Token Society of Great Britain is to encourage and support the study, appreciation and preservation of Japanese swords, sword fittings and associated artefacts within the UK.

Established in 1964, the To-ken society is an active community that keeps alive the enthusiasm for Japanese swords and armour.

The society holds regular meetings, reaches out to interested parties and advocates the safe handling and proper care of Japanese swords.


Eckhard Kremers

Eckhard Kremers, chairman of the NBTHK EB

(Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai European Branch:

Society for the preservation of Japanese Art and swords, European branch)

Just like their British counterpart, the NBTHK EB encourages and supports the study, appreciation and preservation of Japanese swords, sword fittings and associated artefacts, but does so within Europe.

Established in 1948, they hold bi-monthly meetings in ever-changing locations in Europe. These include courses and evaluations, hands-on studies of important swords, as well as reports on sword related studies.


Participating dealers 2018